Eagle River Ontario and area Historical Image Gallery
Historic images, photos and other information from Eagle River, Ontario and Surrounding Areas

ABOUT Eagle River, Ontario

Eagle River, Ontario is located in Northwestern Ontario on the Eagle River which flows from Eagle Lake.

The town origin goes back to the late 1800's.

The town has a varied background including being a Canadian Pacific Railway stop for coal and water in the steam engine period.  Logging, power generation, tourism are some of the other principal mainstays of the town.

A lot of the original settlers still have family in the area.   A lot of the settler families also have since moved on.

The history of Eagle River and area is interesting and a fair amount of information on its earlier days have been published by several different authors.  One of the more recent published references is the Evergreen Reflections book by Nor-West Historical Society covering area towns, villages, settlers, with submitted information by the residents, themselves!   Many images of the period are included with the information.

Although, Eagle River is in the Title, the Eagle River Ontario and Area Historical Image Gallery is also meant for the surrounding areas.  All historic images are welcome as well as items of interest to others.

Unpublished photos and other information still appear from various descendants that are of interest to others.  People who have lost contact with their relatives are also interested, I’m sure!  A way of bringing out these family treasures was needed and Bruce Fread started to collect images sent to him.

The volume of images piled up to the point where some method of presenting them to the widely dispersed interested families, whether still in Eagle River area or having moved on was required.

Bruce had mentioned some of the problems he was faced with to Leo Wehrstedt, a past resident of the area.  Having previously published several websites, Leo worked with Bruce to set up a website and photo gallery that could overcome most of these problems and allow access to the photos as well as ensure these memories could be revisited at any time.

Thus, the website EagleRiverHistory.ca was registered and brought online featuring the Eagle River Ontario and Area Historical Image Gallery.

Again, Gallery is open for all surrounding areas as well. Our area histories are quite similar and our common way of life has little differences.

This site is being upgraded as necessary and holds the main Gallery of Images in the Eagle River Ontario and Area Historical Image Gallery in this site.

You are welcome to submit any photos, information, or copies of documents that would be of interest to others. Please use the Contact Form for further information